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What is a Lactation Consultation?

Some patients wonder what takes place in a lactation consultation.
Here it is…
Your consultation is conducted by either Cathy or Tiffany.
The lactation consultation takes place in our relaxed office or the comfort of your home. The location is your choice. At the office, you, your baby, and family members, if present, are welcomed by your consultant. Once you are comfortable in the mother’s chair the consultation begins. On a home visit, you provide the comfort.
The consultation begins and normally covers the following events:
  • Taking of breastfeeding history. This history gives the consultant insight into factors that may influence the assessment and resolution of breastfeeding issues.
  • Assessment of the mother’s breasts. Important determinant for breastfeeding success.
  • Assessment of the infant’s suck.
  • A number of factors can come into play here.
  • Observation of the mother and infant nursing. This is an assessment of breastfeeding  technique and other factors.
  • Analysis of information as related to the breastfeeding situation.
  • Demonstration of techniques to improve breastfeeding. Techniques may vary depending on assessment.
  • Use of breastfeeding equipment when necessary. Equipment, such as breastpumps, can be necessary to success.
  • Development of written feeding plan. This detailed plan addresses issues found and analyzed.
  • Follow-up plan, as needed. Sometimes an additional follow-up visit is recommended.
In all cases, the lactation consultant faxes the breastfeeding assessment to your doctor. In many cases, it is the cooperation between the lactation consultant and your doctor that leads to the successful resolution of breastfeeding problems.
In cases where the composition of the mother’s breast milk is a factor in the baby’s successful growth, a Crematocrit test is run on the mother’s milk.